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There is no argument that raising kids is expensive.  They out grow their clothes and toys so fast that it doesn't make sense to be paying "new" prices for items that simply will not be used for very long.

As a new mum, I realized how true that theory really was.  Never having shopped consignment before, I was suddenly in a situation where I couldn't believe how much stuff I needed!  I couldn't have previously imagined how much laundry my beautiful daughter could create and how necessary many pieces of baby gear and toys were.  Out of this came my approach for buying used.  Not only did it save my pocket book, but it also help us give the environment a break by re-using perfectly good toys and clothes. 

As a result, I felt that I could help other mums by opening a store that had a great selection in an easy to shop environment with prices that made sense.  Since February 2006 Buckets of Fun has been doing just that!  With a unique approach where we pay cash up front for most items, we bring items from one home to the next.

Now we've also got lots of cool new products in stock too.   Every day we strive to bring better things to our children and the environment.  Products that help keep our children safe such as BPA free containers and organic skin care products. And things that help our environment as safe cleaning supplies, reusable containers and of course reusing clothing, toys and baby gear. We need to do as much as we can to improve the safety of our most prized possessions and the environment in which they live in.   In addition we love to support other local mum's or dad's who also have started their own business.  Do you know of a great product that fits one or more of these criteria?  Please let us know.  We would love to learn more about them and maybe carry them in store.

Please check out our great selection in store and online.  Need something specific?  Email or call us and we will see how  we can help out.

Thanks for stopping by.

Jennifer and the lovely ladies at Buckets of Fun



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